Monday, December 26, 2011

Postgresql - streaming replication - new features in 9.1

 I just found this info:
What's new in 9.1
pg_stat_replication makes non-wizard monitoring possible
max_standby_*_delay can be big
hot_standby_feedback makes MVCC style snapshot export easy
Base backups possible using the database connection
Synchronous replication - Improvements in b-tree delete handling
+This makes the functions of repmgr kind of redundant (most of them, and those that excel the aforementioned are provided by pgpool) , my rationale behind it's usage was its rsync optimization, but now you're able to manage base backups through the database connection, I'll give that a try.

+To leverage repmgr was really easy but removing additional ( and maybe unnecessary)  layers is the best approach (in my opinion).
+Also, synchronous replication is  very good news, with it you can really assure a great deal of reliability.

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