Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Postgresql - repmgr (Replication Manager for PostgreSQL clusters)

This tool is related with replication capabilities, it's very young (but the streaming replication and hot standby features are also very recent)
and claims to allow:
+ monitor the replication process.
+ allow DBAs to issue high availability operations such as switch-overs and fail-overs.

I've read about a lot of other replication monitoring solutions and they all are not that easy to install/configure, let's give this one a try.

I got to know about this through:

Here's the official documentation for setting everything up.

Arguments for using repmgr
1. Less steps -> less errors
2. Easy to set up and easy to use
3. Monitoring facilities.
4. Company is known
5. You can set the replication in a database basis.

1. It must be installed additionally to the normal postgresql installation.
2. The limitations of streaming replication are also limitations of repmgr.
3. Development is in early stages (but this is expected as the streaming replication technology is also recent)
4. Prerequisites that must be met to be able to install repmgr.
5. The inner configuration issues to stream replication are hidden.

Independently of adopting this tool or not as the entry point for streaming replication, it's important to master the concepts lying behind.

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