Thursday, August 18, 2011

pgpool - backend_weight / rsync gotcha / du command

pgpool - backend_weight

There are several instances in which a mailing list provides more information about the workings of some tool than the formal documentation. This is the case with the pgpool-II parameter called "backend_weight". We can prioritize server reads through this parameter - the more weight, the more reads (SELECT's) are made to a server.

This obviously applies to the load balancing case, I wonder whether is useful for some other configurations.

rsync gotcha

In order for the rsync utility to work it must be installed in both origin and destination. rsync is awesome for it backs up only those things that have change since an initial backup.

'du' unix command

If you ever are in need of finding out the weight of a directory, you'll use this command. The -h flag woks as in other related commands to get the size in a human readable format. If you don't specify a path it will return you the size of your working directory.

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