Thursday, August 18, 2011

dbt5 / ifup - ifdown /PITR - WAL/ unaccent


dbt5 is a OLTP benchmarking tool for Postgresql. , benchmarking is my thing nowadays, I'll be testing this utility in a near future.

ifup & ifdown

I'm used to use ifconfig but if you're setting a custom configuration for a network card through the /etc/interfaces file, you'll need to use the ifup command so that custom configuration takes effect.


Point in time recovery is the capability of restoring a database from incremental backups. You have a base backup and by replaying the WAL logs, you can go forward from that point up to any particular moment in the future regarding the state of the database.


unaccent is a text search dictionary and as its names implies, it removes accents from words, so it's more straight forward to process text. (make comparison, lookups, classifications, and so on). I haven't used dictionaries in postgresql before so I will be fun to learn to use it. Well, I just found out there's a wrapper function with the same name, so there's no need to use the text search dictionary directly.

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