Sunday, August 7, 2011

checkinstall / fakeroot / hierarchies with sql /

  • checkinstall is a pretty awesome linux utility that helps you create deb and rpm packages from a program's source code.

The main reason to use it is that in many instances there's no such thing as a binary package for your linux distribution, so you go ahead, compile the program and install it. But now, how the hell do you uninstall it if there's not an uninstall or some rule like that defined on the makefile?

  • fakeroot is yet another utility that creates a fake root environment in order to generate deb packages, as there are many restrictions on this regard to unprivileged users. I ignore whether there are more usages, I'll look it up later.

  • representing categories / subcategories relationships using plain sql can be a challenging problem. We have mainly two alternatives the adjacency list and nested set models. There's a nice introduction here : . I'll be studying and implementing them in the following days, just for the sake of it (and as I cannot sleep properly lately =-) , well, I never do).

Peace and love!

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