Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoughts on Database Replication - Slony-I

These days I'm dealing with database replication issues with PostgreSQL. My first approach is using Slony-I, to this moment I've grasped the following pros and cons:


  • Postgresql version agnostic

  • Cascading replication (any replica can be the source of any other replica)

  • Incremental replication

  • Any replica can take over the master role when needed.

  • Not SPF (Single Point of Failure)

  • Serves as a means for Postgresql Hot configuration and version upgrade


  • Asynchronous.

  • Does not replicate schema changes automatically.

  • It assumes that all nodes in the network are always available.

  • Hard to administrate and maintain.

I might be giving a small lecture on this topics but I'll require more time to share something worthwhile sharing. I need also to verify whether it is also OS / architecture agnostic.

I'm also interested in implementing a cluster supervised by some "Linux High Availability" mechanism such as HeartBeat, Pacemaker, Corosync, LVS ,  etc. There's much to implementing database replication and high availability that's why is so interesting.

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