Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Postgresql / Simple chat

  • Today our course went a bit slow, teacher Andrade taught us Postgresql basic commands, and we practiced some beginner SQL sentences....gosh. Well, everybody deserves a break once in a while.

  • For what is worth, I gave up trying to use svg images in my project, the xml parser in J2me is just too picky with the svg sentences it allows, and I don't want to screw my brains up analyzing every svg code for every single picture I use.

  • I'm setting up a chat screen to begin my bluetooth communication testing, is a little too simple but as I said, is just for testing. To remove the numbering I need to define a custom cell renderer... don't think so.

    [caption id="attachment_198" align="aligncenter" width="136" caption="Freaking IEEE format!"][/caption]

  • Again, the code for this is extremely simple.

[sourcecode language="java"]

public void Scr_Chat(){
Form f = new Form("Chat");
final Vector dialog = new Vector();
List myList = new List(dialog);
TextField InputText = new TextField();
f.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
f.addCommand(new Command("Send"){
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){


  • You have to define the elements you access from an inner class as final.

  • Now I feel like doing real life SQL, I might be using the Iraq war logs published by wikileaks, let's see how many civilians  killed the american terrorists  back in those days.

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