Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lighting in openGL

  1. Today was kind of slow in terms of my computer graphics project. I added a light source in the sun's position (I'm using only ambient and diffuse effects at the moment being). I had to calculate every single normal for each vertex!, that really sucks (we're not allowed to use  the auto-normal function).

  2. The weird thing is that the floor goes dim as the sun is approaching! Freaking weird.proyectoGraficacion_v.0.1.3_1

  3. It's a pitfall to set the near z in glPerspective to zero. It was the case I set it to zero and the depth testing was messing everything up, in fact I'm becoming very wary of using that number altogether.

  • Tomorrow I'll be doing shadows and adding  the speculiar effect in the ceiling fan.

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