Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty over performance

  1. I was using some pretty basic textures for my computer graphics project to save memory and computer cycles, but then I thought: hey! who cares about performance anyway? Well, in a perfect world a fast and efficient program beats one that is only "cute", but we live in a world that is way, way, way.... far from being perfect. So there it is:

  • That ball on top is supposed to be the sun, and that thing that looks like a spider is a ceiling fan (it's actually spinning around! =-D)

  • When you bind textures for further use, I think it's better to disable temporarily the whole texture functionality and enable it when needed because that binding could mess up the proper operation of other functions ( glColorf wasn't working and the texture binding was the one to blame).

  • I enabled ambient lightning which is not very useful still, but it's a start.

  • There's such thing as automatic texture coordinates generation! This will help me to apply more and more texture like these ones.

2.  Joining and Searching. Tomorrow we'll be reviewing the joining and searching problem. The algorithm exposed in mr. Zaragoza's presentation its very simple and clever, it depends heavily in the use of pointers (mmm Java, I hate you!, well but I love you too =-D). The only shortcoming I see of the proposed implementation is that if you only need to know which elements belong to one particular set you need to traverse all the array anyway. Moreover, you need to traverse up to the root each time you need to find out to what set a node belongs to.

3. What the heck is path compression? I guess I'm gonna find out tomorrow.

4. Minimal cost spanning trees.  We'll be reviewing the Prim and Kruskal algoritms. I guess too that I'll get to know these babies better with mr.Zaragoza's help, right now they look kind of abstract to me.

5. The winner mentality is a bitch. Today while playing poker, one player which I regard as a pretty good one, lost a good deal of money consistently (fake money by the way, but not easy to come by though) just because he's used to win but the odds were against him. So I think that the "winner mentality" can be a good source of profit for people with more moderated sight.

6. I thought Facebook was a royal waste of time, and it is, but  brings us closer from each other.  Otherwise many of us spend our days alienated from other people ("many of us" might be saying much , yep I'm talking about myself =-D).



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