Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another year of existence

  1. Yesterday made another year spent on this plane of existence (well, I think this is only the only one, but it sounds cool). I don't know how to feel about it, when I was younger I didn't even hope to make it this far... yes, those were long and terrible years. I've accomplished some things, failed on others; but I'm no longer obsessed with goals, competitiveness and the like, now I'm only concerned with doing the thinks I enjoy. The future... well, I only see chaos ahead: war, economic crisis, scarcity, virus outbreaks, violence, collapse..., so I avoid thinking in the future. Gosh, how dark are my thoughts today.

  2. NURBS. I spent a lot of time learning to use evaluators in openGL to create curved surfaces, but then I found out about NURBS. The mathematical background is as obscure as it is with evaluators but in practice they provide a higher level of abstraction and the outcome: fewer lines of code.

  3. Simple solutions. Today a water pipe broke down in the roof, it was a vent which probably was bent over by one of my little neighbors. Not having a valve to shut down in that area, the leak was copious, and not being so savvy in plumbing I only could think of tearing the whole thing apart with a flame thrower. A neighbor who happened to be in the roof advised me to take the pipe away and just stick a stick into the leak, which I did and worked out. It is of course temporary, but It was a simple solution to a rather complex problem. That's one example that proves that if we listen to other people and take their advise at face value, things can turn well. Naturally you can't listen to everyone, but some modesty in weighing ideas won't hurt.

  4. I think the random algorithm used to deal cards in several online casinos could be tweaked to favor the house, so online gambling might be a false representation of the real thing. Anyway, putting ethics aside, it would be awesome to design an effective dealing algorithm which "behaves" mischievously to collect the maximum amount of money possible.

  5. Managing several textures in opengl can be challenging, using just one is really straight foward, but using more than becomes rather complex. The idea is to bind a named texture with texture target, moreover. if you use independent filters... they get even more complicated!

  6. Honest marketing sells. It can sound silly but today I went to buy something some tools to fix the pipe which I just described, and the shopkeeper explained to me that the thing I wanted to do wouldn't work. He could sell me a bunch of useless things but he didn't, he told me it was a better idea to leave the stick stuck in there or renew the whole installation. If I need anything else later there's no other option in my mind than to go buy it with him. It sounds funny, but in the meantime I'll stick to the stick.

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