Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sorting ->there's no better than nlogn?

  • We were shown today that any sorting algorithm that does comparisons has as lower bound: the nlogn function, you can't go lower than that. The interesting part is where I said: "any sorting algorithm that does comparisons", well it turns out that there is such a thing as sorting algorithm that does not do comparisons, it's called radix sort and I'm gonna find out more about it later, the intriguing thing about this not very well known algorithm is that does it's stuff on the realm of the O(n) which is very amazing.

  • Constructive criticism. I think that in general we mexican engineers, and particularly mexican engineers who study at the UAM don't express ourselves in public very often due to the fear of what others might think of us. Today I showed everybody my advances in the Terminal Project proposal, and to my surprise all the criticism I received was a very constructive one, that gives me more confidence about sharing my point of view on a regular basis.

  • NURBS and Splines. Mr. Kahtchaturov is teaching us a very advanced topic in our incipient computer graphics class, these concepts come in handy constructing curve surfaces, the thing is that we ought to develop a more advanced mathematical background to grasp a better idea on how they work.

  • Composite transformations. I thought simulating articulated movement in opengl would be more cumbersome but the key idea is very simple: save the current transformation matrix, do some transformation, say: a rotation ,create the object and move to its edge, save again the current transformation matrix, do some transformation (yep another rotation), create the new objetct and pop the latter and former transformations. Of course, you need to vary the transformation parameters to have something actually moving.

Words of the day:
saß -> third person's singular for "sitzen"
hübsch -> handsome, good-looking
immer währenden -> perennial, eternal
schwinden -> fade, dissapear
aufgeregt -> nervous, agitated
kauten -> to bite

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