Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power electronics

  1. Power electronics is a very neat concept. It implies the avoidance of resistors that waste energy in the form of heat through the use of diodes, capacitors, inductors, etc. Its main applications are in actuators such as motors,robotics and illumination, i.e. led lights.

  2. Neural networks. We humans are always trying to imitate nature, and its quite understandable how alluring and intriguing is observing nature's simplicity and beauty. Neural networks try to emulate how the brain functions, the dendrites are inputs attentive to stimuli, such stimuli then is pondered to a weight function and the sum of all stimuli received then is processed by a threshold function that determines whether the stimuli is enough to trigger and action, i.e. to provide with stimuli to the next neuron. This scheme is thought to provide a means for artificial learning. I read once that Marvin Minski proposed a problem they couldn't solve: the simple and very well known xor function, but it was a long time ago, I guess they have improved since then.

These days I'm playing with computer graphics most of the time and I'm getting to like opengl very much, and for what is worth I intent to use opengl es in my video game project.

Die Welle Wortschatz
rutschen. skid, slip sideways, slide uncontrollably across a surface, slide, glide
daran. on it, on them, to it, to them
ersticken. smother, suffocate, stifle, choke; suppress, crush; snuff out, crush, asphyxiate, be suffocated
seufzen. . sigh, exhale loudly as a sign of relief or sorrow
Vorschrift. instruction, order, rule, prescript, regulation, directions.

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