Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peer to peer arquitecture using Bluetooth

  • The toughest part in my videogame design will be figuring out a way to reduce delays while discovering new devices in the range of operation. It's said that a discovery operation can take up to 10s, and while a device is in discovery mode it becomes unreachable (or undiscoverable) so there is no other choice than to alternate the discovery and listening modes continuosly if I am to implement a peer-to-peer-like communication architecture.

  • The most expensive operation within bluetooth comunication is discovering new devices and services in terms of time and energy consumption so it's mandatory for me to reduce such operation at a minimum. Nobody said it would be easy to develop a videogame like this, but it would be very rewarding in terms of achievement and self image once it's finished.

  • Poker strategy is quite different when playing with several competitors, the odds become more complicated as the probabilities are spared among all of them so your chances of wining are very scanty unless you apply some "advanced techniques" such as bluffing =-D and crazy betting, but of course the loses are significant if not done cautiously.

  • One error we gamblers incur repetitively is trying to regain the lost ground; if you're lucky enough you recover your loses but in my experience obstination can be very harmful, so one good advice would be to just let go and put our ego aside, when luck sucks it's better to withdraw while we still can.

  • My computer graphics professor has an a very impresive C.V. , I discovered it in a random search, I wonder why he's such a lousy teacher despite his extensive experience. Well, that's just another prove that knowledge does not necessarly make a good teacher, something additional is required, I think it`s love for what one does, but hell, love is such a precious and rare quality in this forgotten world.

Die Welle vocabulary:
Zeichner -> n. subscriber, one who signs up to receive a service or publication; limner, one who draws, one who describes through drawing
Gestalter -> n. framer, shaper, fashioner, designer, former, maker, one that gives form to
Lichttischen -> (duh! =-D) light tables.
hocken -> v. squat, sit low, crouch, stoop down
vorbereiten -> v. prepare, ready, put into the proper condition, make ready; get oneself ready, be ready for -
Tatsächlich -> adj. actual, factful, real, authentic
jedoch -> conj. however, in any event, anyway, though
ausser -> conj. except, but, only; unless, until, before
bestand - bestehen -> v. exist, live, be; subsist
heftig -> adj. severe, acute, intense, strong, violent, ardent, vehement, heavy, fierce

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