Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Die Welle

I'm reading "Die Welle" a small german novel about the group psychology or mass pyschology that leads individuals to do things they wouldn't do if not influenced by the group. It's a resemblance of the young nazi groups under the Third Reigh. It was a gift from the very best german teacher I've ever had and I'm using it to improve my vocabulary.

ziemlich -> adj. pretty, quite, rather, very, somewhat, reasonably; almost, nearly
häufig -> adj. frequent, happening often, common, often
Vorrat -> n. stock, supply, provision, stockpile, hoard, accumulation
gab -> past from geben
einzig -> adj. sole, only, single; absolute, complete; unique
obere -> adj. upper, top, superior, higher
immerhin -> adv. after all, after everything else
allemal -> adv. (new spell.=alle Mal) always, constantly; once and for all, finally and forever
stopfen -> stuff, fill, cram, stopple, plug, cork; darn
Beiträge -> addendum, addition; attachment; contribution, act of donating; something donated
ausbrüten -> v. hatch, incubate, sit on eggs in order to hatch them;

That's it, ten or eleven a day, on other topics:

  • There are several known results regarding sumations that can simplify a great deal the analysis of several algorithms.

  • The link to the complete set of approved terminal projects from previous trimesters is:
but not public access is given, got to find a way into it.

  • Baroque classical music is so beautiful.

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