Monday, January 3, 2011

Why should I pay?

Last time I applied for a job they asked me: "have you ever taken any kind of courses?", to which I replied, well...not really, I'm a self taught kind of person, why the heck should I pay someone to teach me something I can learn on my own? He glared to me in amusement and said: that's great little man, but if you ain't got any papers proving that you're a person that seeks self actualization, then we ain't interested. So here I am taking four courses at school about learning strategies and I'm having a ball....nahh just kidding. Well it's not bad at all, I've met a bunch of interesting people, even from other countries, they're as the german say: "super geil", meaning: pretty cool.

  1. How to write essays. Essays have among other characteristics the following: they're brief, explore a well delimited subject, try to prove something based on arguments, express meditations and inferences from its author, use an objective language. Their structure as in many other writings is: introduction (presentation, justification and motives), development or main part ( data, historical context, contrasts with other perspectives, etc.), and like everything else in this world they have an end. They avoid using textual quotes and they main objective is to give an account a its author's perspectives or points of view with regard a problem, social phenomena etc.

  2. Memory and concentration. We were given the "Harris sisters" test, it's about finding numbers in the least amount of time possible. We also did a letters-soup test, a initial diagnostic based on a questionnaire, and some opened questions, visual recognition, and spot the differences. We also commented techniques we used to improve our memories.

  3. Learning strategies. Such strategies are personal by nature, i.e. what works to you may not work to me. We could subdivide learning in the following concepts: analyzing, organizing and memorizing. How do we learn? With conditioning, try and error, comparison of similar situations, and imitation of a model. Factor that intervene in learning: motivation, goals, attitude, concentration, repetition and organization. The rest of the class was about random topics...I was about to explode!

  4. Reading strategies. We need to set goals first, what do we expect from reading something? To learn, the look some data up, just for fun, and to review a text we wrote. It's important to know where a writing comes from, who wrote it, what background does he have, the publishing house: is it renowned?, in what year was it published, in what place? The main topic was: reliability of our sources. We talked about good translations too, ohh and identified different kinds of text.

I drank an awful lot of coffee and ate even more cookies. It wasn't a total waste of time, I really like my classmates, they're interesting, smart and funny, (some the girls are extremely beautiful) and most of us have scholarships.
I took a stroll afterwards, couldn't pay my telephone bill as the store was already closed.

Words of the day:
verschwinden -> to vanish
Gef├╝hl -> feeling.

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