Saturday, January 8, 2011

Training vs Education

I said I wouldn't research anything else beside my main projects (being currently my j2me videogame), but I just love internet and it's capabilities for locating information.

  1. There's one book called "The deliberate dumbing down of America" written by Charlotte Iserbt, and I found a very interesting insight about our schools providing us with training rather than with education; the difference is abysmal, training is just systematic conditioning i.e. they tell us what to think and what to do as a fixed set of rules, training bypasses thinking, they want us to act like automatons, like obedient soldiers ; if we were given real education they would teach us to think, to be critical, to make intelligent questions, to deduce and make our own opinions, to solve problems creatively, but of course automatons are more easy to handle.

  2. Water. Oil is thing of the past, the powerful are now investing or stealing the so called "blue gold". It's just sad to now that they're so many unscrupulous people trying to control all the main water supplies of the world to make big bucks and to achieve more power over others in the impending scarcity crisis we are facing and is very likely to get worse.

3. Animals dying by the masses. I don't know whether it's connected with some kind of secret government experiment but is really weird so many animals dying so mysteriously.

I come across these kind of articles while researching on the so called "Conspiracy Theories", when I first became in contact with them I saw them as mere entertainment, but since I've discovered much of them are sadly more than science fiction.

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