Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's no free will

I'm not so fond of the Bible, but I have some knowledge of it; I was taught as a child that evil in this world is the result of us humans having free will, as we're not puppets, we are directors of our own life as we were given the gift of choice, those choices grant us the blessing of our creator if they're accompanied by virtue.
Nevertheless god never thought of us being so evil that we would develop techniques to take away that gift from each other; I'm talking about mind control. Nope, I'm not kidding, there's extensive documentation and evidence that several governments and organizations have invested a great amount of resources on mind control research and applications over a large period of time (since the beginning of the past century) . I'm reading a book called: "Operation mind control", written by Walter Bowart, I'm still not finished with sources verification but most of them are solid; here are some things I've learned along the way:

  1. Psychologist and hypnosis-trained individuals in general are capable of implanting false memories on each one of us. This is a technique used to obtain false confessions.

  2. About one fifth of us are highly suggestible and present no difficulty to enter into a deep trance, but those more resilient can be hypnotized through the use of several drugs.

  3. Those suggestions not only involve ideas, they can give you orders which you'd perform even if they're against your values as they are able to construct a false context in which such wrong doing is justified.

  4. Hypnosis can be used to enhance memory and perception. This is the part that I'm hooked with, but not only can they be enhanced; they can be severely impaired selectively, so you're unable to remember anything in case of interrogation.

  5. Several mind altering drugs developed as a result of the aforementioned research are tasteless and colorless, highly soluble in water and have been given to innumerable unwitting victims.

  6. There is a way to hypnotize people so nobody gets a hold of someone being under it's influence by using very specific triggers.

The evidence is everywhere on the web, you just need to do some research, and as sick as I am (the flu), I find more sparse time than I can handle. On more conventional topics:

7. The LWUIT library looks very interesting to create impressive and efficient user interfaces for our mobile applications (my videogame).
8. The WPA-PSK is stronger than the WEP protocol on wireless security, but using the right tools it's as easy to crack as the WEP protocol.
9. The Record Management System in the J2ME suit does not offer binary data storage, I need to find an alternative library to organize my resources (pictures and sounds) within my videogame.
10. JSR239 is the java binding for opengl-es and is implemented through the javax.microedition.khronos.* package.

Words of the day:
Spitze -> summit, highest point.
steuern -> to navigate, to guide, to control

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