Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rocket Science

  1. I was at a conference about satellite technology developed in our country, or sort of. I knew an engineer who has been studying in Moscow designing and assembling satellites, I wanted to interrogate him about the things he had to do to get to study in Russia, but he flew just as a rocket immediately his presentation finished. Another engineer gave us a speech and I liked him very much . I find getting to know people like this very inspiring, I wish someday I'll be just like them.

  2. I created a new admin account in one of the new Macs at the school in just about 2 minutes, out of thin air just with two lines of code. Disregarding this fact, I love those computers, they're so fast and those screens are huge, I'm amazed to see that not many people are using them...

  3. I couldn't notice before because I always forgot all about them, but now that I'm training myself to recall them I see that all my dreams go about the same issue which I find very interesting, and disturbing.

For most of the day I reviewed several concepts regarding 3d programming in opengl. Also I freaked out when I hacked that computer because all the configurations were lost, and spent a great deal of time trying to get them back, gladly I could (after a couple of hours). I'm getting back to opengl now so that's it.

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