Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm sorry but I don't know about that

  1. That's one apology I received from my computer graphics teacher the last class when I asked him to teach us shaders and the new features from recent releases of opengl. He confessed of being ignorant of those features and excused himself by reminding me that this is a course of just six credits. My concern with learning the new features is that the old ones are being marked as deprecated and programmers are advised not to use them in new code, so what's the point in learning deprecated features that are planned to be removed? Anyway I'd rather accept an honest apology that some fancy or improvised excuse, but it's kinda depressing to know that we lack of appropriate instructors.

  2. I had my second vivid dream, meaning that I had a dream where I was aware of it being a dream, it turned out very wrong though; the subconscious isn't something to mess with.

I've been experimenting with the bluetooth api for j2me, there are a lot of concepts which I'm not so keen on writing about today as I'm a bit tired , I'm also learning to use LWUIT and more on machintosh systems. I've got the compromise letter from my tutor for my terminal project. I finally know by hearth all the peg words for the memory system from number 1 to 100. Now I get the difference between ODBC and OLEDB...dear god, I'm so tired.

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