Sunday, January 2, 2011


I spent a week and a half with my family, and here are some things I learned:

  1. I'm far more productive without the help of the internet! It seems that I spend a lot of time researching a bunch of unrelated topics to my main projects just for the sake of it. I let on this due to the lack of communication facilities where my mom lives, it's no man's land: no phones (no reception), no tv, just nothing, nevertheless I had a great time. From now on, I'm restricting myself from researching random stuff.

  2. My body can endure a great deal of pain. My knees started aching at the beginning of my trip, maybe out of the intense, ever-present cold of the region, but I decided not to pay attention to it, moreover I trained (jogging most of the time) during my entire staying as if there was no tomorrow, the pain was unbearable at first, but suddenly it went away on its own, for all I know I feel great, pain free. I confirmed what many neuro-scientists say about the mental component of disease.

  3. Love is so hard to obtain from someone, and it can vanish so easily overnight. I thought love could be the answer to the problem of existence but how could something so fragile and uncertain be the ultimate answer? I'll just stop thinking of love as a medicine against all evil, some evils need a straight hand and courage, not mercy nor indulgence.

  4. I like puppies. As a jogger I'm used to being chased by dogs and to get bitten once in a while, as a consequence I loathed dogs. That changed these holidays, my brother is the owner of a very small puppy, I just love it. I took care of him most of the time, I fed him, put him to sleep, woke him up... I even built him a very basic "dog house" so he could feel warmer these frosty days. I thing the way we treat our pets is a reflexion of how we could treat our children when we happen to be parents, I hope my brother never gets to be a parent, he's a responsible as a rock.

  5. The elder and physically impaired and the virtue of patience. My mom is dealing with taking care of grandpa, he can't do a thing on its own so it's a great burden for her, I help her to the extend permissible to my short staying but it's really tough, the thing that I hate the most is that her dad is the most ungrateful jerk I know, but gee, he is my bloody grandpa. In old tribes, the maimed, the elder, the sick, and so fort were left behind, as they put in jeopardy the tribe's safety and food security, savvy old tribes! Nahh just kidding, not all the elder are jerks. I learned to be patience even with those who don't deserve it, just because of the love I have for my dear mom.

  6. Java 2 microedition was my main subject those days, is limited but functional, the issue here is performance. Due to the lack of physical resources you do everything with efficiency in mind, as it always should be if we regard ourselves as engineers.

Words of the day:
Tränen -> tears.
Sterne -> stars

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