Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Computational Complexity

Algorithms Analysis

  1. Defined as the involved cost in the resolution of a problem. We've defined the terms upper bound and lower bound in this context, meaning respectively, the limit on what a good algorithm does and the limit of efficiency the best known algorithm can attain. We're concerned with more efficient algorithms in the first place to even consider ourselves good engineers but more importantly to make better use of resources. There are many factors that affect efficiency that makes its assessment a tricky task, such as the programming language employed, the specific compiler used, hardware, the programmer's ability and the algorithm chosen.

  2. The think I'm most concerned with is reviewing and practicing several instances of mathematical induction as it constitutes the tool of choice to demonstrate correctness in our subject.

  3. Gray code. We were taught to use this code that is nothing more than a binary sequence where in each step only one bit changes in relation to the former step. It turns out that is primary utility is not in the Carnaugh maps we reviewed in digital logic design, but to reduce the side effects when certain errors occur in such designs.

The teacher barely speaks spanish (he's russian) and this is one of those instances where I bypass him altogether, it's such a shame us not having a more idoneous teacher but in the end all of us have what we deserve, and as far as I'm concerned I can always count with the best teacher I can have , i.e. myself; not in the sense that I'm the best teacher for everybody but in the sense that I'm the best teacher for myself (yep, a bit redundant), because I know in which ways I absorb the most out of something and the best ways I learn.

  1. To start developing opengl applications in ubuntu I only needed to install the freeglut3 and freeglut-devel packages.

  2. I'm using netbeans c/c++ module and it's only necessary to add to the project's properties the corresponding flags i.e. (-lGL, -lGLU, -lGLEW) and of course not to forget the right headers.

  3. I just ran some examples to test the libraries and everything when smooth except for some of them not including a call to GLinit() before instantiating other GL methods.

Final project seminar

  1. It's mandatory for me to obtain the compromise letter from my tutor.

  2. It's time to start preparing some drafts of my project proposal.


  1. I'm learning to recall what I dream by jolting my dreams down . At first I couldn't remember more than one dream per night, but with self discipline you can train yourself to recall all of them. In my first day I could recall three. This kind of thing helps you to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you, sometimes good insights can be obtained this way.

  2. I'm learning to use the new mac computers the university installed. There's nothing to it, you install packages through .dmg files, all the rest is just the same, the hacking is different tough.

Words of the day:
Ferne -> distance, a state of being far away.
wohl -> well, in a good manner; probably, certainly
scheinbar -> apparent , obvious, pretended, seeming

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