Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm sorry but I don't know about that

  1. That's one apology I received from my computer graphics teacher the last class when I asked him to teach us shaders and the new features from recent releases of opengl. He confessed of being ignorant of those features and excused himself by reminding me that this is a course of just six credits. My concern with learning the new features is that the old ones are being marked as deprecated and programmers are advised not to use them in new code, so what's the point in learning deprecated features that are planned to be removed? Anyway I'd rather accept an honest apology that some fancy or improvised excuse, but it's kinda depressing to know that we lack of appropriate instructors.

  2. I had my second vivid dream, meaning that I had a dream where I was aware of it being a dream, it turned out very wrong though; the subconscious isn't something to mess with.

I've been experimenting with the bluetooth api for j2me, there are a lot of concepts which I'm not so keen on writing about today as I'm a bit tired , I'm also learning to use LWUIT and more on machintosh systems. I've got the compromise letter from my tutor for my terminal project. I finally know by hearth all the peg words for the memory system from number 1 to 100. Now I get the difference between ODBC and OLEDB...dear god, I'm so tired.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rocket Science

  1. I was at a conference about satellite technology developed in our country, or sort of. I knew an engineer who has been studying in Moscow designing and assembling satellites, I wanted to interrogate him about the things he had to do to get to study in Russia, but he flew just as a rocket immediately his presentation finished. Another engineer gave us a speech and I liked him very much . I find getting to know people like this very inspiring, I wish someday I'll be just like them.

  2. I created a new admin account in one of the new Macs at the school in just about 2 minutes, out of thin air just with two lines of code. Disregarding this fact, I love those computers, they're so fast and those screens are huge, I'm amazed to see that not many people are using them...

  3. I couldn't notice before because I always forgot all about them, but now that I'm training myself to recall them I see that all my dreams go about the same issue which I find very interesting, and disturbing.

For most of the day I reviewed several concepts regarding 3d programming in opengl. Also I freaked out when I hacked that computer because all the configurations were lost, and spent a great deal of time trying to get them back, gladly I could (after a couple of hours). I'm getting back to opengl now so that's it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Computational Complexity

Algorithms Analysis

  1. Defined as the involved cost in the resolution of a problem. We've defined the terms upper bound and lower bound in this context, meaning respectively, the limit on what a good algorithm does and the limit of efficiency the best known algorithm can attain. We're concerned with more efficient algorithms in the first place to even consider ourselves good engineers but more importantly to make better use of resources. There are many factors that affect efficiency that makes its assessment a tricky task, such as the programming language employed, the specific compiler used, hardware, the programmer's ability and the algorithm chosen.

  2. The think I'm most concerned with is reviewing and practicing several instances of mathematical induction as it constitutes the tool of choice to demonstrate correctness in our subject.

  3. Gray code. We were taught to use this code that is nothing more than a binary sequence where in each step only one bit changes in relation to the former step. It turns out that is primary utility is not in the Carnaugh maps we reviewed in digital logic design, but to reduce the side effects when certain errors occur in such designs.

The teacher barely speaks spanish (he's russian) and this is one of those instances where I bypass him altogether, it's such a shame us not having a more idoneous teacher but in the end all of us have what we deserve, and as far as I'm concerned I can always count with the best teacher I can have , i.e. myself; not in the sense that I'm the best teacher for everybody but in the sense that I'm the best teacher for myself (yep, a bit redundant), because I know in which ways I absorb the most out of something and the best ways I learn.

  1. To start developing opengl applications in ubuntu I only needed to install the freeglut3 and freeglut-devel packages.

  2. I'm using netbeans c/c++ module and it's only necessary to add to the project's properties the corresponding flags i.e. (-lGL, -lGLU, -lGLEW) and of course not to forget the right headers.

  3. I just ran some examples to test the libraries and everything when smooth except for some of them not including a call to GLinit() before instantiating other GL methods.

Final project seminar

  1. It's mandatory for me to obtain the compromise letter from my tutor.

  2. It's time to start preparing some drafts of my project proposal.


  1. I'm learning to recall what I dream by jolting my dreams down . At first I couldn't remember more than one dream per night, but with self discipline you can train yourself to recall all of them. In my first day I could recall three. This kind of thing helps you to understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you, sometimes good insights can be obtained this way.

  2. I'm learning to use the new mac computers the university installed. There's nothing to it, you install packages through .dmg files, all the rest is just the same, the hacking is different tough.

Words of the day:
Ferne -> distance, a state of being far away.
wohl -> well, in a good manner; probably, certainly
scheinbar -> apparent , obvious, pretended, seeming

Monday, January 17, 2011

12 million and counting

  1. WPA TKIP. Still testing my Backtrack distribution and particularly some tools to crack the WPA TKIP protocol. First I've captured a valid four way handshake, and now I'm using a dictionary attack which has tested already about 12 million combinations of keys but still no luck. What comes to mind while doing these experiments is the importance of selecting strong passwords within those protocols that use passphrases, in this instance I chose a random password of 20 characters and my dictionary weights 2gb. It would be faster if Beto lent me the Artificial Intelligence server with its 16 cores but knowing him, I bet he would laugh it up at my face.

  2. Skinner box. I'm learning about the Skinner approach to conditioning, some very eerie stuff. Just imagine, putting a child of yours inside a box for a prolonged period , isolated carefully from the environment and controlling it the internally, if he starts crying you turn down the temperature, the poor creature gets cold and stops crying...the temperature normalizes, the kid learns not to cry, this is as spooky as it gets. I learned also about Pavlov, and another evil bastard called John B. Watson who conditioned another poor kid to fear any thing with fur, even synthetic materials resembling fur. Those were the first steps into conditioning of human behavior, more advanced techniques are now into use.

  3. Day dreaming. I'm working with an idea I learned by a third party regarding the power of day dreaming, the intent is to construct a stronger relationship with one's inner world. Several beautiful insights have resulted from apparently random visualizations from day dreaming which is said to be the seed of most creative endeavors. What would happen if we had more control over those random dreams? The theory is that we would be more intelligent, I don't know whether is true, but I have nothing to loose if I engage in the challenge.

  4. Success by imitation. Another idea that is giving me time to think is success by imitation which consists of being observant of those characteristics that are common in people who have had success in what they do and imitate them ; it's a recurrent idea in the so called "self help" literature and it's nothing more than common sense, though most of us disregard this fact.

  5. I've given myself this week to dominate the peg-word system of memory, I intent to make it my second nature.

Words of the day:
spüren -> to feel, (the same as fühlen)
verblasst -> faded, dim
durchschauen -> to look through
getzählt -> numbered, limited ( from "zahlen")

My examples:
Du kannst nich spüren weil du eine Maschine bist.
Ich durchschaue dich und fühle mich sehr traurig weil unsere Liebe ist verblasst. Leider sind unsere Tage getzählt.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bisphenol A (BPA)

  1. Well, it has nothing to do with computers, but with chemistry. I just found out that this chemical compound can produce several adverse effects in the mind and in the reproductive system in both men a women, and is found in plastic products (bottles of water) having a triangle with a number 3,6 or 7 inside it. My water jugs Bonafon and Electropura are both of this kind of plastic having the number 3 and 7 respectively, I'm gonna switch to a home filter as soon as I can, besides there isn't any kind of regulation the quality of bottled water, only god knows what they're poison us with.

  2. I struggled with my BackTrack4R2 distribution for a couple of hours. I decided to install it right in my hard disk using a logical volume. It turns out that you have to preload in the grub script the lvm module so you can refer to such partitions (insmod lvm) and load linux from them.

  3. StarDic is a wonderful dictionary, I love it.

  4. The difference between and adjective and an adverb. It's really straight forward, adjectives qualifies or describes the noun, and the adverb qualifies the verb (duh). Examples of an adverbs: seriously, orderly, etc.

For the rest of the day I played with BackTrack and listened to several recordings (audiobooks). The flu is gone I feel very lucky to be healthy again.

Words of the day:
Zugänglichkeit -> accesibility, approachability, openness, availability
beschränkt -> conditioned, subject to conditions; restricted , limited
grundsätzlich -> basic, fundamental, central, essential, basically

Sentences using these words:
Die Zugänglichkeit der Wasser wird in die Zukunft viel beschränkt.
Er is grundsätzlich böse, aber draussen scheint er zuverlässig.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's no free will

I'm not so fond of the Bible, but I have some knowledge of it; I was taught as a child that evil in this world is the result of us humans having free will, as we're not puppets, we are directors of our own life as we were given the gift of choice, those choices grant us the blessing of our creator if they're accompanied by virtue.
Nevertheless god never thought of us being so evil that we would develop techniques to take away that gift from each other; I'm talking about mind control. Nope, I'm not kidding, there's extensive documentation and evidence that several governments and organizations have invested a great amount of resources on mind control research and applications over a large period of time (since the beginning of the past century) . I'm reading a book called: "Operation mind control", written by Walter Bowart, I'm still not finished with sources verification but most of them are solid; here are some things I've learned along the way:

  1. Psychologist and hypnosis-trained individuals in general are capable of implanting false memories on each one of us. This is a technique used to obtain false confessions.

  2. About one fifth of us are highly suggestible and present no difficulty to enter into a deep trance, but those more resilient can be hypnotized through the use of several drugs.

  3. Those suggestions not only involve ideas, they can give you orders which you'd perform even if they're against your values as they are able to construct a false context in which such wrong doing is justified.

  4. Hypnosis can be used to enhance memory and perception. This is the part that I'm hooked with, but not only can they be enhanced; they can be severely impaired selectively, so you're unable to remember anything in case of interrogation.

  5. Several mind altering drugs developed as a result of the aforementioned research are tasteless and colorless, highly soluble in water and have been given to innumerable unwitting victims.

  6. There is a way to hypnotize people so nobody gets a hold of someone being under it's influence by using very specific triggers.

The evidence is everywhere on the web, you just need to do some research, and as sick as I am (the flu), I find more sparse time than I can handle. On more conventional topics:

7. The LWUIT library looks very interesting to create impressive and efficient user interfaces for our mobile applications (my videogame).
8. The WPA-PSK is stronger than the WEP protocol on wireless security, but using the right tools it's as easy to crack as the WEP protocol.
9. The Record Management System in the J2ME suit does not offer binary data storage, I need to find an alternative library to organize my resources (pictures and sounds) within my videogame.
10. JSR239 is the java binding for opengl-es and is implemented through the javax.microedition.khronos.* package.

Words of the day:
Spitze -> summit, highest point.
steuern -> to navigate, to guide, to control

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Training vs Education

I said I wouldn't research anything else beside my main projects (being currently my j2me videogame), but I just love internet and it's capabilities for locating information.

  1. There's one book called "The deliberate dumbing down of America" written by Charlotte Iserbt, and I found a very interesting insight about our schools providing us with training rather than with education; the difference is abysmal, training is just systematic conditioning i.e. they tell us what to think and what to do as a fixed set of rules, training bypasses thinking, they want us to act like automatons, like obedient soldiers ; if we were given real education they would teach us to think, to be critical, to make intelligent questions, to deduce and make our own opinions, to solve problems creatively, but of course automatons are more easy to handle.

  2. Water. Oil is thing of the past, the powerful are now investing or stealing the so called "blue gold". It's just sad to now that they're so many unscrupulous people trying to control all the main water supplies of the world to make big bucks and to achieve more power over others in the impending scarcity crisis we are facing and is very likely to get worse.

3. Animals dying by the masses. I don't know whether it's connected with some kind of secret government experiment but is really weird so many animals dying so mysteriously.

I come across these kind of articles while researching on the so called "Conspiracy Theories", when I first became in contact with them I saw them as mere entertainment, but since I've discovered much of them are sadly more than science fiction.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Why should I pay?

Last time I applied for a job they asked me: "have you ever taken any kind of courses?", to which I replied, well...not really, I'm a self taught kind of person, why the heck should I pay someone to teach me something I can learn on my own? He glared to me in amusement and said: that's great little man, but if you ain't got any papers proving that you're a person that seeks self actualization, then we ain't interested. So here I am taking four courses at school about learning strategies and I'm having a ball....nahh just kidding. Well it's not bad at all, I've met a bunch of interesting people, even from other countries, they're as the german say: "super geil", meaning: pretty cool.

  1. How to write essays. Essays have among other characteristics the following: they're brief, explore a well delimited subject, try to prove something based on arguments, express meditations and inferences from its author, use an objective language. Their structure as in many other writings is: introduction (presentation, justification and motives), development or main part ( data, historical context, contrasts with other perspectives, etc.), and like everything else in this world they have an end. They avoid using textual quotes and they main objective is to give an account a its author's perspectives or points of view with regard a problem, social phenomena etc.

  2. Memory and concentration. We were given the "Harris sisters" test, it's about finding numbers in the least amount of time possible. We also did a letters-soup test, a initial diagnostic based on a questionnaire, and some opened questions, visual recognition, and spot the differences. We also commented techniques we used to improve our memories.

  3. Learning strategies. Such strategies are personal by nature, i.e. what works to you may not work to me. We could subdivide learning in the following concepts: analyzing, organizing and memorizing. How do we learn? With conditioning, try and error, comparison of similar situations, and imitation of a model. Factor that intervene in learning: motivation, goals, attitude, concentration, repetition and organization. The rest of the class was about random topics...I was about to explode!

  4. Reading strategies. We need to set goals first, what do we expect from reading something? To learn, the look some data up, just for fun, and to review a text we wrote. It's important to know where a writing comes from, who wrote it, what background does he have, the publishing house: is it renowned?, in what year was it published, in what place? The main topic was: reliability of our sources. We talked about good translations too, ohh and identified different kinds of text.

I drank an awful lot of coffee and ate even more cookies. It wasn't a total waste of time, I really like my classmates, they're interesting, smart and funny, (some the girls are extremely beautiful) and most of us have scholarships.
I took a stroll afterwards, couldn't pay my telephone bill as the store was already closed.

Words of the day:
verschwinden -> to vanish
Gefühl -> feeling.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I spent a week and a half with my family, and here are some things I learned:

  1. I'm far more productive without the help of the internet! It seems that I spend a lot of time researching a bunch of unrelated topics to my main projects just for the sake of it. I let on this due to the lack of communication facilities where my mom lives, it's no man's land: no phones (no reception), no tv, just nothing, nevertheless I had a great time. From now on, I'm restricting myself from researching random stuff.

  2. My body can endure a great deal of pain. My knees started aching at the beginning of my trip, maybe out of the intense, ever-present cold of the region, but I decided not to pay attention to it, moreover I trained (jogging most of the time) during my entire staying as if there was no tomorrow, the pain was unbearable at first, but suddenly it went away on its own, for all I know I feel great, pain free. I confirmed what many neuro-scientists say about the mental component of disease.

  3. Love is so hard to obtain from someone, and it can vanish so easily overnight. I thought love could be the answer to the problem of existence but how could something so fragile and uncertain be the ultimate answer? I'll just stop thinking of love as a medicine against all evil, some evils need a straight hand and courage, not mercy nor indulgence.

  4. I like puppies. As a jogger I'm used to being chased by dogs and to get bitten once in a while, as a consequence I loathed dogs. That changed these holidays, my brother is the owner of a very small puppy, I just love it. I took care of him most of the time, I fed him, put him to sleep, woke him up... I even built him a very basic "dog house" so he could feel warmer these frosty days. I thing the way we treat our pets is a reflexion of how we could treat our children when we happen to be parents, I hope my brother never gets to be a parent, he's a responsible as a rock.

  5. The elder and physically impaired and the virtue of patience. My mom is dealing with taking care of grandpa, he can't do a thing on its own so it's a great burden for her, I help her to the extend permissible to my short staying but it's really tough, the thing that I hate the most is that her dad is the most ungrateful jerk I know, but gee, he is my bloody grandpa. In old tribes, the maimed, the elder, the sick, and so fort were left behind, as they put in jeopardy the tribe's safety and food security, savvy old tribes! Nahh just kidding, not all the elder are jerks. I learned to be patience even with those who don't deserve it, just because of the love I have for my dear mom.

  6. Java 2 microedition was my main subject those days, is limited but functional, the issue here is performance. Due to the lack of physical resources you do everything with efficiency in mind, as it always should be if we regard ourselves as engineers.

Words of the day:
Tränen -> tears.
Sterne -> stars