Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharing Knowledge

  1. I've written so much about this topic, but everyday I confirm how rewarding is sharing knowledge. Today I was stuck with the configuration of my http proxy in zentyal and suddenly Mariana approached me asking: "hey Rene, is your DHCP server running? 'cause I can't get mine to work. Take a look at your dashboard"- and was like: my what? So I reached for my dashboard and my DHCP server was effectively running, but my http proxy was stopped! So I restarted it and had my http proxy running in no time. Sadly I couldn't be of more help to Mariana as I was concerned with leaving so I could attend the HCI class which overlaps with the Networks Lab, but she managed by herself to get it working later. So if I wasn't open to helping my classmates when I have the possibility they wouldn't enrich me with their doubts.

  2. The HCI class was... well I better reserve to myself the right to comment. Nah it wasn't that bad, but I was a bit tired.

I'm still tired, so this is it for today.

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