Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Programming Club

  1. My dear friends Ernesto and Paco have created a "Programming club" or "Programming workshop" for all us fans of algorithms and cryptic code. Today was the first meeting of many more I hope. I made my first program using bitwise operations extensively, well it wasn't that tough, I stumbled upon several "Presentation error" instances at the acm website, but overcame them at last. Paco taught me this awesome function: freopen(), it's use to redirect the standard output to a file, so everything that is spited by our program goes directly to a file and then we can debug those presentation error message and leave them behind.

  2. Netcat is a very handy tool. We tricked the IRC server into believing that we were someone else and established a chat session with stolen credentials. I bet there are safer implementations of the protocol, wireshark sniffed the whole unencrypted protocol giving us access even usernames and passwords.

  3. The HCI class was suspended due to a congress.

  4. I'm getting acquainted with the Bluetooth stack and the J2ME technology, but they're so many concepts, and I'm so keen on getting into bed.

Words of the day:
Neuigkeiten->tidings, news, as in new features (thunderbird option)
Verschieben -> to relocate // to suspend. In application menus is bound to mean something like: to move.

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