Friday, November 26, 2010


  1. We discussed the implications involved in trying to parallelize a program in order to make it execute faster, making use of the capabilities of the current hardware architectures. The two available options are employing a multiprocessor system and scaling it up 'till it reaches its limit or building a cluster which has not attached limits. According to the design of the system, it will indeed increase its performance relatively and proportionally to the amount of processors or it will be stuck or even deteriorate. The latter because of the overhead required to communicate and coordinate shared resources between all those processors. We had a glimpse of the openmp implementation of parallelism for c/c++ and even fortran, it isn't as complex as I thought would be. The lousy network failed once again and we couldn't see how to run our parallel programs within the cluster that Beto set up.

  2. CORBA. Such a complex business it is, no wonder why so few people are capable of implementing it, even the king of compiling everything successfully in the first try (the teacher Alvarado obviously), experienced an awful lot of trouble, may the lord protect us from CORBA. But in theory it's such a nice concept, there's got to be some other alternatives more practical to implement.

  3. Kerberos expo addendum. Well, I finished my kerberos presentation today successfully and I think I delivered a very good impression from it.

  4. Can't get to work my old binary divisor with the restriction of using just bit and bit_vector types, I'm getting some timing issues, and I'm loosing precision in my results. Variable types are not that great, they have some delay too, I almost forget we're dealing with wires and transistors.

  5. The last job interview was as fake as Calderon saying we're winning in the war against drugs, it was just a setup, a formalism to make look everything in the light of equality but I realized the one who won is Octavio, who formerly was in the java lab, it seems that people who have worked in the university before get a free ticket for new positions when the time is right, the time was right for him and we all the others lost.

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