Tuesday, November 30, 2010


  1. It's such a tough endeavor to lie in the presence of others, I just couldn't. The teacher asked me at the HCI class whether I had given a presentation or not (he's so careless and doesn't maintain a record), I hate so much to give presentations about what the teacher is supposed to teach us, that I'd gladly would have said: "of course, don't you remember?, I talked about such and such..", but I knew that many of my classmates would rat on me right away and mmm, I said the truth, or else I would have stood in a very bad position. In this regard common knowledge is such a bad thing, no wonder why powerful people in the past (well they still do in some places) banned books, newspapers, etc. If you can keep people ignorant of important issues you can freely lie like hell, and profit out of other's ignorance. ....gosh I just hate the HCI class... and rats.

  2. I'm implementing a simple project using Java RMI, it's such a great thing that you can serialize and transmit complete objects through the network.

  3. Postgresql isn't that tough, I installed it with no issues and tested the JDBC successfully. I've heard it's much better than mysql, time will tell.

  4. ClearOS looks way better than Zentyal (formerly eBox), I'll give it a try when I have some spare time.

Words of the day:
Einschränkung -> restriction, limitation.
Auffrischen -> to refresh, to recreate.

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