Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Job Interview

  1. I hate being a "show up", but while in interviews which other way do you have for your potential employer to consider you seriously? and oh how much I loath that heavily used term :"selling yourself", gggrrr that's despicable in my way of perceiving things, I struggle everyday because I just wanna be who I am, with all my virtues and defects( which I procure to overcome little by little) , being authentic is my motto but today I was interviewed among other 10 people to get a professor assistant job, I know some of them and are capable and skilled people. I wonder under what criteria will they grade us and ultimately choose one of us. For all I know I was as modest as I can be, although they have all the information there is about me, in the end facts speak for themselves -> hopefully.

  2. x11vnc can be a very handy tool for educational purposes, I know similar utilities for windows but the remote desktop in unix based systems is just elegant and of course free.

  3. Toolchains are a chain (duh!) of software systems that interact as in a pipeline to produce yet another particular system, the output from the former becomes the input to the latter.

  4. There's a tool to make a distributed compilation called distcc, which breaks up code and compiles each piece independently in several computers (as far as I understood). Beto said he would make a couple of presentations for us to grasp its use.

  5. There's a weird disease called Bells palsy which paralyzes half your face but goes away on its own. Sadly one of my friends is under the strain of it, but he's strong and I'm sure that he can cope.

  6. We reviewed some concepts relating paths and classpaths in java, idioms regarding executable files, applets as a way of delivering some processing functions within the browser and signing them as a way of securing them. Other topics were two and three tier systems and its uses, they involve differentiating data, business logic and interfaces. We were told, the first rule of the programming club is DO NOT USE IDE's LIKE VISUAL STUDIO, the second rule is DO NOT USE IDE's LIKE VISUAL STUDIO well you get the idea, the issue is that its difficult to separate the business logic from the code if you are into coding such logic behind a button and the like. A better approach is to wrap the business logic within a dll or shared object library and invocate its methods through the interface components.

Words of the day:
Abbild -> image (as in iso image)
abonnieren -> to subscribe

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