Thursday, November 4, 2010

IRC server

  1. Today we learned how to set up a simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server using the package ircd-hybrid. The configuration wasn't trivial, there're so many parameters and security issues involved. The topic regarding this kind of services is precisely - security - and we'll investigate how easy is to sniff into the exchanged packets and read every message.

  2. In the HCI class we're still discussing how to design good user interfaces applying the minimal effort rule. ( It comes to my mind a joke that the teacher once said: "remember guys: the minimal effort rule, ain't the same as the maximum laziness rule =-D", that made my day). We spoke about ergonomics, the invention of the mouse, the convenience of a mousepad, the translation of the physical desktop to a virtual desktop, reducing anxiety in the use of technology through clever interfaces.

  3. I realized something regarding leadership: when you care about other's success and appropriate that success as yours too, if you instruct them or suggest them to do something they actually do it. I don't know if you can see this as altruism and then manipulation, or manipulation from the beginning. In my case , I regard helping and guiding others as a means to grow myself, and as long as they grow, we grow together as long as cooperation goes both ways.

  4. It feels so right when people trust you. It makes me want to be trustworthy just for the sake of that feeling.

Words of the day:
├╝berwachung -> surveillance
fl├Ąche -> face, surface, area

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