Saturday, November 13, 2010

His name was Omar Edgardo Sanchez Noya

  1. A terrible news shocked me today, one of our fellow students was murdered last Wednesday outside the Azcapotzalco subway station. I didn't get to know him but it shocked me 'cause thats the subway station I get out from to get to school everyday, the event took place about the 19:00 hrs, it was dark already. He was a swimmer and was studying industrial engineering, what a waste, just the right kind of stuff that depresses me the most. That's the second time I hear from a deceased student in the university, I knew the first one and he was a pretty upbeat, funny and social person, his name was Valerio. he wasn't murdered, he died out of a stupid mistake. They can't feel a thing anymore, they can't dream anymore, so much potential that is no more..., we're so damn lucky to be alive when so many people die everyday in this godless world, and what is worse , evil doers get away with it unpunished.

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