Thursday, November 11, 2010


  1. I think friendship is a relative thing, one day you can consider someone your friend and the next day who knows. I was hoping some "friends" could help me out with something very simple that I couldn't do myself due to lack of time, they didn't and I had an opportunity to get back at them (indirectly which is more sweet). It felt right at first, you get a sense of justice but later on I was ashamed and felt empty. What a complex thing is friendship, no wonder why I spend most of my days by myself, but in this life you can't get too far just on your own, can you? Well many transcendental figures were loners too, but I'm just tired of being alone...gosh.

  2. Zentyal is a great piece of software, if you want to setup a gateway, firewall, proxy and many other network services, is a straightforward tool to use.

  3. Another thing about friendship: when you have to choose to help your peers or follow the rules of your job which by definition are against helping your peers, what ought we to do? Joel made that choice today and chose to follow the rules, that of course made him hated among the majority of the class, but who cares?, I should have done just the same, friendship and business don't fit together in most cases, do they?. I hate seeing my old ideals falling apart.

  4. Another thing that is falling apart is our programming club, they got scared the last meeting and most of them didn't show up today, another thing I hate is apathy and conformism.

Well, what a lousy day.

Words of the day:
Angaben -> Data (what a handy word).

Pending topics: DNS revisited.// More on pipeline and hazards in pipeline.

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