Sunday, November 21, 2010


  1. I wanted it so bad, and didn't work out. Some other guy I don't know got the job, I think it was arrogant for me to think that there's no one better than me, overconfidence is a bitch. It brought me down for a while but hell, life goes on and it's a good opportunity for me to wake the heck up. I've heard they use to choose people very badly and there have been several complains.

  2. I put together the java idioms we learned, I mean the classpath, path, .java, .class and all that stuff to get immerse into the ant tool to make executable files the way you make them with the cmake tool. It uses a really weird xml file for it to build things up, it makes it look hard, but it's time for me to be independent from IDE's that make all the work for you.

  3. I think there's no better way to know people than working with them in a project. I'd rather not know them that much, I like them better that way.

  4. Building the linux kernel from scratch is serious stuff. Beto walked us trough the whole process, being honest he bored the crap out of me, I thought it would be more interesting. One thing's for sure, the cross compiler thing is a bliss and sweet concept. Some other concept that attracted me was the use of a versioning tool such as mercurial, svn, and others.

  5. I gave up trying to repair the compaq laptop, what a lousy job did those engineers making up that design where the cpu burns down the gpu.

  6. Zentyal turned out to have some flaws, but who doesn't. The proxy overwrites the firewall rules, it's not clear how to restore the original rules without messing up the proxy too.

  7. Amateur theater is very interesting too, they're playing lately several functions at the university.

  8. I signed up for two conferences this week: data mining and the go game and if I hear from others I'll sign up too, anything to clear out the mind.

I feel like joining the dark side once and for all, life is so tough playing fair and being decent.

Words of the day:
melden -> to notify, to report.
Anmelden -> to register, to sign up.
Betrachter -> observer, beholder, viewer.

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