Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awareness of Death

  1. Today we didn't have classes, there was a huge gas leak near the zone where the school is located and activities were suspended. When I arrived I found out through the news that everything was fixed already, nonetheless school authorities decided to keep it closed. What a shame, I really like school and hate when this kind of stuff happens. I wonder why if they already knew that the leak was fixed denied us the entrance. Anyway, the good part was that it reminded us that we could die at any moment and we should feel lucky about being alive, I'm sure I am.

  2. As a byproduct of my application for teacher assistant, I had to go through some research about the cases when you don't want to implement the Object Oriented approach to programming, one example is game development, in such performance critical systems the extra overhead that comes with higher level programming counts and c style programming is preferred, systems programming (kernel, drivers) is another instance when you can live without OOP completely.

  3. Our mind works basically with images so in order to remember things more efficiently is a good thing to think in terms of images. Got to learn 20 unrelated words in order, in reversed order and at random within 5 minutes using this idea, the shortcoming is that it only works with objects need to learn the trick to make it work with abstract concepts.

  4. Friendship is such a wonderful thing, it feels so right to be considered a friend.

I exercised the whole afternoon, and I'm so tired...

Word of the day:
to convey ->to serve as a medium of transmission, to transport. i.e. wires convey electricity (memory hint: convoy)

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