Tuesday, November 30, 2010


  1. It's such a tough endeavor to lie in the presence of others, I just couldn't. The teacher asked me at the HCI class whether I had given a presentation or not (he's so careless and doesn't maintain a record), I hate so much to give presentations about what the teacher is supposed to teach us, that I'd gladly would have said: "of course, don't you remember?, I talked about such and such..", but I knew that many of my classmates would rat on me right away and mmm, I said the truth, or else I would have stood in a very bad position. In this regard common knowledge is such a bad thing, no wonder why powerful people in the past (well they still do in some places) banned books, newspapers, etc. If you can keep people ignorant of important issues you can freely lie like hell, and profit out of other's ignorance. ....gosh I just hate the HCI class... and rats.

  2. I'm implementing a simple project using Java RMI, it's such a great thing that you can serialize and transmit complete objects through the network.

  3. Postgresql isn't that tough, I installed it with no issues and tested the JDBC successfully. I've heard it's much better than mysql, time will tell.

  4. ClearOS looks way better than Zentyal (formerly eBox), I'll give it a try when I have some spare time.

Words of the day:
Einschränkung -> restriction, limitation.
Auffrischen -> to refresh, to recreate.

Friday, November 26, 2010


  1. We discussed the implications involved in trying to parallelize a program in order to make it execute faster, making use of the capabilities of the current hardware architectures. The two available options are employing a multiprocessor system and scaling it up 'till it reaches its limit or building a cluster which has not attached limits. According to the design of the system, it will indeed increase its performance relatively and proportionally to the amount of processors or it will be stuck or even deteriorate. The latter because of the overhead required to communicate and coordinate shared resources between all those processors. We had a glimpse of the openmp implementation of parallelism for c/c++ and even fortran, it isn't as complex as I thought would be. The lousy network failed once again and we couldn't see how to run our parallel programs within the cluster that Beto set up.

  2. CORBA. Such a complex business it is, no wonder why so few people are capable of implementing it, even the king of compiling everything successfully in the first try (the teacher Alvarado obviously), experienced an awful lot of trouble, may the lord protect us from CORBA. But in theory it's such a nice concept, there's got to be some other alternatives more practical to implement.

  3. Kerberos expo addendum. Well, I finished my kerberos presentation today successfully and I think I delivered a very good impression from it.

  4. Can't get to work my old binary divisor with the restriction of using just bit and bit_vector types, I'm getting some timing issues, and I'm loosing precision in my results. Variable types are not that great, they have some delay too, I almost forget we're dealing with wires and transistors.

  5. The last job interview was as fake as Calderon saying we're winning in the war against drugs, it was just a setup, a formalism to make look everything in the light of equality but I realized the one who won is Octavio, who formerly was in the java lab, it seems that people who have worked in the university before get a free ticket for new positions when the time is right, the time was right for him and we all the others lost.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Justicia S.A.

  1. More on amateur theater: Justicia S.A. in a nutshell was about the very common dilemma on whether do what our conscience tells us or what this world requires us to do regardless of any ethics or moral whatsoever in order to "prosper". Those who adopt the former are called weak and fall in disgrace the argument says, and those who stump on other's rights, lie and betray are "real men", "brave", "prosperous". I let on this tragic fact long time ago and it makes me so sad... it's just how life is: the stronger feed on the weaker, but I say: fuck that, I don't mind to be called weak, my life has a meaning when I act according to principles of love and justice, no one can take that away from me, it will lead me to a sooner death I ponder, and to a lower quality of life, but this world is coming to an end soon anyway , so I just don't care.

  2. Kerberos dialogue presentation. Things weren't the way I would have liked them to be, but I deem a good deal of success in our presentation. Now I have a working implementation of the kerberos protocol using the apache server so I can provide secured access to web based systems.

  3. I just found out that I missed an exam and no one told me anything, I've been cutting the HCI class frequently these days as I've been quite busy in the networking lab, I disregarded the class as being of some usefulness to me anyway. After all, it's silly to think that others think about you once in a while, among so many people why should they care at all.

  4. Teacher Alvarado is such a clever shark, he tricked me into revealing that I had no clue on how the microinstructions get their job accomplished in the ARC, the devil is in the details, uh.

Words of the day:
Hinweise -> Information (curious how I just figured it out)
Zeichen -> character, symbol.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


  1. I wanted it so bad, and didn't work out. Some other guy I don't know got the job, I think it was arrogant for me to think that there's no one better than me, overconfidence is a bitch. It brought me down for a while but hell, life goes on and it's a good opportunity for me to wake the heck up. I've heard they use to choose people very badly and there have been several complains.

  2. I put together the java idioms we learned, I mean the classpath, path, .java, .class and all that stuff to get immerse into the ant tool to make executable files the way you make them with the cmake tool. It uses a really weird xml file for it to build things up, it makes it look hard, but it's time for me to be independent from IDE's that make all the work for you.

  3. I think there's no better way to know people than working with them in a project. I'd rather not know them that much, I like them better that way.

  4. Building the linux kernel from scratch is serious stuff. Beto walked us trough the whole process, being honest he bored the crap out of me, I thought it would be more interesting. One thing's for sure, the cross compiler thing is a bliss and sweet concept. Some other concept that attracted me was the use of a versioning tool such as mercurial, svn, and others.

  5. I gave up trying to repair the compaq laptop, what a lousy job did those engineers making up that design where the cpu burns down the gpu.

  6. Zentyal turned out to have some flaws, but who doesn't. The proxy overwrites the firewall rules, it's not clear how to restore the original rules without messing up the proxy too.

  7. Amateur theater is very interesting too, they're playing lately several functions at the university.

  8. I signed up for two conferences this week: data mining and the go game and if I hear from others I'll sign up too, anything to clear out the mind.

I feel like joining the dark side once and for all, life is so tough playing fair and being decent.

Words of the day:
melden -> to notify, to report.
Anmelden -> to register, to sign up.
Betrachter -> observer, beholder, viewer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Job Interview

  1. I hate being a "show up", but while in interviews which other way do you have for your potential employer to consider you seriously? and oh how much I loath that heavily used term :"selling yourself", gggrrr that's despicable in my way of perceiving things, I struggle everyday because I just wanna be who I am, with all my virtues and defects( which I procure to overcome little by little) , being authentic is my motto but today I was interviewed among other 10 people to get a professor assistant job, I know some of them and are capable and skilled people. I wonder under what criteria will they grade us and ultimately choose one of us. For all I know I was as modest as I can be, although they have all the information there is about me, in the end facts speak for themselves -> hopefully.

  2. x11vnc can be a very handy tool for educational purposes, I know similar utilities for windows but the remote desktop in unix based systems is just elegant and of course free.

  3. Toolchains are a chain (duh!) of software systems that interact as in a pipeline to produce yet another particular system, the output from the former becomes the input to the latter.

  4. There's a tool to make a distributed compilation called distcc, which breaks up code and compiles each piece independently in several computers (as far as I understood). Beto said he would make a couple of presentations for us to grasp its use.

  5. There's a weird disease called Bells palsy which paralyzes half your face but goes away on its own. Sadly one of my friends is under the strain of it, but he's strong and I'm sure that he can cope.

  6. We reviewed some concepts relating paths and classpaths in java, idioms regarding executable files, applets as a way of delivering some processing functions within the browser and signing them as a way of securing them. Other topics were two and three tier systems and its uses, they involve differentiating data, business logic and interfaces. We were told, the first rule of the programming club is DO NOT USE IDE's LIKE VISUAL STUDIO, the second rule is DO NOT USE IDE's LIKE VISUAL STUDIO well you get the idea, the issue is that its difficult to separate the business logic from the code if you are into coding such logic behind a button and the like. A better approach is to wrap the business logic within a dll or shared object library and invocate its methods through the interface components.

Words of the day:
Abbild -> image (as in iso image)
abonnieren -> to subscribe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharing Knowledge

  1. I've written so much about this topic, but everyday I confirm how rewarding is sharing knowledge. Today I was stuck with the configuration of my http proxy in zentyal and suddenly Mariana approached me asking: "hey Rene, is your DHCP server running? 'cause I can't get mine to work. Take a look at your dashboard"- and was like: my what? So I reached for my dashboard and my DHCP server was effectively running, but my http proxy was stopped! So I restarted it and had my http proxy running in no time. Sadly I couldn't be of more help to Mariana as I was concerned with leaving so I could attend the HCI class which overlaps with the Networks Lab, but she managed by herself to get it working later. So if I wasn't open to helping my classmates when I have the possibility they wouldn't enrich me with their doubts.

  2. The HCI class was... well I better reserve to myself the right to comment. Nah it wasn't that bad, but I was a bit tired.

I'm still tired, so this is it for today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Omar Edgardo Sanchez Noya, rest in peace, 2nd part.

  1. It turns out that I knew him, recognized is face right away, a big picture of him was posted outside the library. It was a long time ago, but I used to eat in the cafeteria, and in order to skip the long queue I'd trick anybody into believing some excuse for me skipping the queue such as being in a hurry or something like that. That's how I met Omar, he was a short person, slim and had a characteristic hairstyle: a really messy one. He let me skip the queue several times, he used to carry two bags, one for his books and one for his clothes as he used to do physical training. I don't remember what we talked about while waiting our turn, but he was a nice guy. I remember inviting him his meal in exchange for helping me save at least an hour in the queue. He was a loner too as far as I'm concerned, he had friends but most of the time I saw him alone. Many people congregated today including myself outside the library to show our condolences to his family. I don't know why am I so sad, I barely knew him, I think the sole thought of my own inevitable death is what really brings me down. I wish I wasn't this sentimental, it's very burdensome.

  2. Super-scalar architectures are those that implement two or more execution units. The key for this technique is that some instruction require more processing than others so, the microprocessor may implement a mechanism for characterizing an instruction or group of instructions, and reorder them in a way that most of the parallel execution units are busy most of the time. This kind of architecture is said to apply dynamic reallocation, when the compiler does this reallocation we're talking about static reallocation. Some post optimization enhancements can reallocate data-independent instructions in the gaps required to synchronize dependent instructions.

  3. Hierarchical representations of data can be very effective retrieving data but the main shortcoming lays in the fact that relations many-to-many are hard to handle, this is when relational relations come into play. I remember Miguel saying something about OLAP, but I didn't quite get it.

  4. The FAT file system is implemented in devices such as flash memories due to its simplicity, everything is stored in a big table and write/read accesses are minimized even if data gets highly fragmented...mmm that's a bit contradictory isn't it?

  5. The Achilles heel of unix systems is that they can't cope very well when resources are very scarce, we were told, but I don't buy that either, I need to see it with my own eyes, I can tell about my linux desktop distribution but it should be a very different picture when regarding servers.

  6. We revisited java interfaces, talked about RMI, and how it's implemented. I really like the teacher Nava giving us programming lessons, he declares himself as not being software-savvy (his passion is hardware) but If you ask me, he is better than most of the teachers that give us programming classes.

  7. Data-warehouses are a very neat concept, I wonder how are they implemented. This is the kind of stuff that attracts my attention the most, as Oscar Herrera says...torture the data 'till it speaks.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

His name was Omar Edgardo Sanchez Noya

  1. A terrible news shocked me today, one of our fellow students was murdered last Wednesday outside the Azcapotzalco subway station. I didn't get to know him but it shocked me 'cause thats the subway station I get out from to get to school everyday, the event took place about the 19:00 hrs, it was dark already. He was a swimmer and was studying industrial engineering, what a waste, just the right kind of stuff that depresses me the most. That's the second time I hear from a deceased student in the university, I knew the first one and he was a pretty upbeat, funny and social person, his name was Valerio. he wasn't murdered, he died out of a stupid mistake. They can't feel a thing anymore, they can't dream anymore, so much potential that is no more..., we're so damn lucky to be alive when so many people die everyday in this godless world, and what is worse , evil doers get away with it unpunished.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


  1. I think friendship is a relative thing, one day you can consider someone your friend and the next day who knows. I was hoping some "friends" could help me out with something very simple that I couldn't do myself due to lack of time, they didn't and I had an opportunity to get back at them (indirectly which is more sweet). It felt right at first, you get a sense of justice but later on I was ashamed and felt empty. What a complex thing is friendship, no wonder why I spend most of my days by myself, but in this life you can't get too far just on your own, can you? Well many transcendental figures were loners too, but I'm just tired of being alone...gosh.

  2. Zentyal is a great piece of software, if you want to setup a gateway, firewall, proxy and many other network services, is a straightforward tool to use.

  3. Another thing about friendship: when you have to choose to help your peers or follow the rules of your job which by definition are against helping your peers, what ought we to do? Joel made that choice today and chose to follow the rules, that of course made him hated among the majority of the class, but who cares?, I should have done just the same, friendship and business don't fit together in most cases, do they?. I hate seeing my old ideals falling apart.

  4. Another thing that is falling apart is our programming club, they got scared the last meeting and most of them didn't show up today, another thing I hate is apathy and conformism.

Well, what a lousy day.

Words of the day:
Angaben -> Data (what a handy word).

Pending topics: DNS revisited.// More on pipeline and hazards in pipeline.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Programming Club

  1. My dear friends Ernesto and Paco have created a "Programming club" or "Programming workshop" for all us fans of algorithms and cryptic code. Today was the first meeting of many more I hope. I made my first program using bitwise operations extensively, well it wasn't that tough, I stumbled upon several "Presentation error" instances at the acm website, but overcame them at last. Paco taught me this awesome function: freopen(), it's use to redirect the standard output to a file, so everything that is spited by our program goes directly to a file and then we can debug those presentation error message and leave them behind.

  2. Netcat is a very handy tool. We tricked the IRC server into believing that we were someone else and established a chat session with stolen credentials. I bet there are safer implementations of the protocol, wireshark sniffed the whole unencrypted protocol giving us access even usernames and passwords.

  3. The HCI class was suspended due to a congress.

  4. I'm getting acquainted with the Bluetooth stack and the J2ME technology, but they're so many concepts, and I'm so keen on getting into bed.

Words of the day:
Neuigkeiten->tidings, news, as in new features (thunderbird option)
Verschieben -> to relocate // to suspend. In application menus is bound to mean something like: to move.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pipeline revisited

  1. We talked a big deal about our old friend the Pipeline. And we discovered something fairly counterintuitive, with the Pipelining technique we increase the cycles per instruction... how's that? well, in inserting new registers and specialized units within the process makes synchronization and communication a bit more complicated introducing some overhead with every level of complexity of pipelining. Ha ha, but what's the catch? Very simple indeed, instructions overlap all the way through the pipeline, so this extra overhead is compensated with the fact that the overall set of instructions used in our program finish more quickly, than if we weren't using pipeline.

  2. The last class before today (I didn't feel like blogging), we, I mean, I learned , because it was a concept that our dear teacher taught them in the modern operating systems class, the concept of sub-dividing the cache memory in two sections, one for data exclusively and one for instructions. This is due to the fact that when an area of the cache is written it's marked as dirty (cute), and that indicates the processor that he must rewrite the corresponding data back to main memory so it's updated, this is true for data but instructions will never be overwritten inside the cache so it makes no sense to mark instructions as dirty. Setting things this way allow for simultaneous writing and reading, using two kinds of i/o ports to the memory.

  3. Today the teacher was jocking around with my dear Rose with the following analogy (she was the only girl in the class today): Imagine you've got to carry 300 glass coke boxes up to a 3rd floor with a little help of your friends, in this case the whole class. So what's the smartest approach?, to let each friend to carry as much of that boxes alone up to the 3rd floor?, that's dumb...anyway Rose couldn't handle more than 3 bottles at a time, how many trips would she make. Laugh out loud the whole class. We men the stronger gender would finish sooner, quite sooner that she I we would watch her together do her trips, while making jokes at her. So it turns out that the best approach is naturally to simulate our precious pipeline, setting ourselves in a queue handling the boxes from one hand to the other, it was kind of obvious but it was a funny analogy. Of course being Rose inside the queue she would move slower compared to us, so she would introduce the so talked extra overhead. Two solutions :kissing the little princess good bye, or just wait it up so the others can rest in the idle time, of course machines don't need rest, so sorry cutie, you've got to go.

  4. In AIO we explore the reach of XML and its shortcomings, our friend Jaime gave a presentation but it could have been better, but he isn't the one to blame. It turns out that WEKA can manage to make Object Oriented Databases, with Relational DB and XML. The shortcomings of XML are that it doesn't have the kind of foundations that Relational DB has, and there's no hope of XML data queries being at least as fast as those made with Relational DB. The same goes for Object Oriented DB, you can forget about complex queries. The foundations of XML --> trees.

  5. In the SD class, we revisited RPC's and rpcgen. We re-analyzed the inner workings of the protocol, the code itself and its idioms, ain't that complicated at a first sight but it has so much more options that those discussed in the class.

  6. Ohh and I learned how to memorize several unrelated items by making up a story. I managed to learn 20 items in order in about 10 minutes, I know yet kind of slow but practice makes master.

  7. Despite my fasting habits, the awful truth is that I'm no loosing weight so need more drastic measures, I'm gonna work my ass off all day by doing exercise like if there's no tomorrow.

  8. I wish I could be someday as excellent, professional, smart and kind as the architect Francisco Mendez is, we met today and gives me a great deal of hope to be acquainted with people like him.

Words of the day:
Klang -> sound
Protokoll -> event log
Zuletzt -> ~~ recently ( I guess)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

IRC server

  1. Today we learned how to set up a simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server using the package ircd-hybrid. The configuration wasn't trivial, there're so many parameters and security issues involved. The topic regarding this kind of services is precisely - security - and we'll investigate how easy is to sniff into the exchanged packets and read every message.

  2. In the HCI class we're still discussing how to design good user interfaces applying the minimal effort rule. ( It comes to my mind a joke that the teacher once said: "remember guys: the minimal effort rule, ain't the same as the maximum laziness rule =-D", that made my day). We spoke about ergonomics, the invention of the mouse, the convenience of a mousepad, the translation of the physical desktop to a virtual desktop, reducing anxiety in the use of technology through clever interfaces.

  3. I realized something regarding leadership: when you care about other's success and appropriate that success as yours too, if you instruct them or suggest them to do something they actually do it. I don't know if you can see this as altruism and then manipulation, or manipulation from the beginning. In my case , I regard helping and guiding others as a means to grow myself, and as long as they grow, we grow together as long as cooperation goes both ways.

  4. It feels so right when people trust you. It makes me want to be trustworthy just for the sake of that feeling.

Words of the day:
überwachung -> surveillance
fläche -> face, surface, area

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awareness of Death

  1. Today we didn't have classes, there was a huge gas leak near the zone where the school is located and activities were suspended. When I arrived I found out through the news that everything was fixed already, nonetheless school authorities decided to keep it closed. What a shame, I really like school and hate when this kind of stuff happens. I wonder why if they already knew that the leak was fixed denied us the entrance. Anyway, the good part was that it reminded us that we could die at any moment and we should feel lucky about being alive, I'm sure I am.

  2. As a byproduct of my application for teacher assistant, I had to go through some research about the cases when you don't want to implement the Object Oriented approach to programming, one example is game development, in such performance critical systems the extra overhead that comes with higher level programming counts and c style programming is preferred, systems programming (kernel, drivers) is another instance when you can live without OOP completely.

  3. Our mind works basically with images so in order to remember things more efficiently is a good thing to think in terms of images. Got to learn 20 unrelated words in order, in reversed order and at random within 5 minutes using this idea, the shortcoming is that it only works with objects need to learn the trick to make it work with abstract concepts.

  4. Friendship is such a wonderful thing, it feels so right to be considered a friend.

I exercised the whole afternoon, and I'm so tired...

Word of the day:
to convey ->to serve as a medium of transmission, to transport. i.e. wires convey electricity (memory hint: convoy)