Monday, October 18, 2010

Xilinx ISE

  1. They gave us some tips for using Xilinx ISE, the more useful feature in my view is the graphic simulator.

  2. Got in contact with Beto's FPGA, I'm not sure whether he bought it or was the school who purchased it. Nevermind, his project looks promising, he was able to embed linux inside the FPGA, and install a web server, sqlite etc. David's project seems interesting too complex arithmetic, but I don't envision myself as a hardware designer, I'm more attracted to distributed systems and networking, but only the devil knows where I will end up.

  3. Our city government is investing heavily in "security", we were told they spent about 8,000 million on security cameras and the contract was granted to a French company, that sucks. More than that, it sucks because they're using the TCP/IP protocol so hackers (and apprentice of hackers as I am) will be able to tap into the wires! By the way, what about our privacy, goddamn it?

  4. I learned a couple of linux tips. First: the service xinetd enable us to broadcast messages, it comes disabled by default so we edit /etc/xined.d/xinet.conf or something like that. We looked into the concept of transactions, smooth and clear, I don't know whether c/c++ provide an api for such purposes.

  5. VirtualBox provides an integrated DHCP client so no more excuses for not connecting all our virtual machines together in absence of a modem or alike.

  6. Symbian got open source, they even have a SDK. What's missing for my project is a fast c/c++ flavor bluetooth api.

This was a pretty slow day.

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