Sunday, October 17, 2010

Violation of expectation

  1. I'm learning some psychology terms. The first: violation of expectation. It means that we usually react abnormally when things deviate from what they're supposed to be. And our state of normality can be measured through our degree of abnormality in such situations. I also learned that psychology aims to it's study subjects in three different ways: at micro, molecular and molar level. Yes, it sounds like chemistry but the first refers to studying per instance small changes in the wave forms while studying someone's brain through the use of electrodes, the second one refers to phenomena such as reaction time to stimuli, perception, etc., and the third one refers to a interpersonal scale, i.e. social behavior, body language. Regarding body language one should be cautious of people who say one thing with his/her mouth but say something different with their body language, that's bound to be a sign of deception.

  2. Mysqlpp doesn't provide a usable interface for multi-thread programming. So I'm stuck using one connection in a per-client basis as it's connection-pooling capabilities are also poor.

  3. With mysqlpp you can use iterators to move around the result set i.e ResultSetSotre, and it comes handy to use a Row object for displaying the result set by means of the Row::size() member function through the use of integer subscripts and even by column name.

  4. Designing user interfaces for children can be a challenging task, for use have to take several issues into account, namely: children's need for interactive and fun environments, they usually tend to have a short attention span so it becomes of utmost importance to keep them involved in any available way. Other factor is the inherent responsibility attached to interfaces that make use of the internet (practically most of them), you have to make them aware of the dangers related to social media: privacy intrusions, pornography, etc. Parental controls play a mayor role in such applications. Last but not least, the capacity of abstraction in children is scarce so complex steps should be avoided while designing interfaces that pretend to attract young consumers.

  5. Enterprise Application Integration relies upon middleware, so it's reasonable to study it and try to implement it as a school project. I'll take care of that in my distributed systems class.

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