Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silverlight & XNA

  1. Today I attended a terribly boring "conference" given by Microsoft, oh I hate them so much but I'm attending to every event I am invited to. As usual it was a conference - selling booth - advertising, at least I learned some rather useless (time will say) stuff:

  • XNA and Silverlight are MS technologies for developing video games, targeting the PC, windows phone and the XBox. They work within Visual Studio 2010, and in the express version too. The've also got the MS Blender studio which provides a simple interface for creating neat visual stunts without having to write too much code, well actually we were shown a codeless app.

  • The Windows Phone was just released and provides some "useful" features such as: gestures and sensors. Sensors are the most fun part, you can program physic behavior inside your videogames to make them more close to reality. The videogames can even handle (in theory, they didn't show us how) voice commands... that's amazing indeed.

  • The hardware requirements are kind of high but being honest, that's expected from a framework oriented to videogame development.

2. We had a review of the samba server which enables linux - windows file sharing, piece of cake. I forgot my lousy ethernet cable in the lab.
3. My HCI class was utterly folkloric, we talked about color theory, cognitive science, natural language processing, wow. If it wasn't so improvised I wouldn't deem it a - so fucking waste of time -, sorry about my english.

Just another slow day, I miss SD and AAC so much these days.

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