Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Procter & Gamble

  1. P&G has a really good public relations department, they promote a really nice and ethical image but I just can't help being wary when something sounds too good to be true. I was in this meeting yesterday morning where they explained us the P&G philosophy and career opportunities for a few lucky. I don't think I fit in the profile they're requiring, the leadership issue has always been my Achilles heel, how am I supposed to be a leader when I walk on this life always alone? Besides, I love coding and they use third party programmers (i.e. outside the company), that sucks. The HR representative gave us a couple of tips to improve our chances in the interview: using the CAR approach that stands for Context Activities Results. In brief we should provide a fast but sufficient context for the interviewer to grasp the big picture, explain with detail the decisions we made in a particular situation and the results achieved. She highlighted the importance of belonging to a club, association or performing extracurricular activities, that's supposed to make you a better leader, team partner and so on. In a nutshell, once inside they want you to get results no matter how, no matter not so, you must always observe a high standard in ethics, yeah right . Gosh that sounds like a lot of tension, I'm not sure if I'm into something like that, I've always regarded in high esteem living a quiet and simple life.

  2. In AAC more Xilinx stuff, we got a picture of how to configure the ISE with the EDK in order to have what is called a minimum system, which is constructed from a couple of buses and high and the other low speed, we have a couple of power pc microprocessors, a couple of ram modules and a IP, i.e. a proprietary design of programmed hardware that is suppose to receive an input from the RS 232 port, process it and turn the output back to the RS 232. The process is rather obscure I hope I'll get it right tomorrow.

  3. In IIA the teacher remarked the value of having good advisers in areas such as accountancy, laws, business processes experts, etc. And it makes sense, when we are obliged to a contract and are compromised with a delivery in form and in time, being a product so uncertain as the software is, any precaution is in order. We even explored the taxation side of the coding business, well not so "coding business" ... the tendency is to write less code and focus more in processes logic.

  4. Today I exercised my mind by thinking a good thing about every person I walked by, even of those with mean looks. I know I'm the pessimistic kind of guy and I'm always looking for faults in people,expecting them to be evil , so I decided to turn the other way around, and  must say it was so beautiful I felt at ease with myself for the first time in years . Sadly I know that if you go through life thinking the best of everybody they're going to eat you alive if you let them! Nahh, just a joke, I'll keep on this path, I think it will lead me to a better quality of life, of course one thing is having a good disposition for people and other is being naive.

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