Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nokia Qt SDK

  1. I just found the "Nokia QT SDK" it looks like the tool I need to develop a stunning application for my terminal project.

  2. Applicants for a teacher assistant position must gather a bunch of documents: (rfc,grades mean average, recommendation letters,a micro- thesis, etc.) the ref. site is :

  3. My "good disposition to people" is already giving fruits, especially with women.

  4. Setting up a DHCP server for Ubuntu was straight forward, just installing the package and configuring appropriately the /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf file. I wish all subjects were that easy.

  5. Altered states of mind - not a standard topic for a HCI class -, I really enjoy watching Beto's attempts to outsmart the teacher, nevertheless I like the teacher's cathedra the most (he is so funny and transmits us his experiences). Gosh the whole class consider ourselves as being introverted! , that amazed me to a high degree. I finally get to let on that I'm not alone.

  6. The more sleep I have the smartest I become, it's such a shame I just can't nod off.The more I exercise, the hornier I become, damn I wish I had a girlfriend...LOL.

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