Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first encounter with real life applied combinatorics

  1. When I went through my Discrete Mathematics course I didn't realize how important were the topics discussed, now in trying to implement my PT, I regret not to have put more attention, I'm not at a total loss, I know the concepts, just need a refresh. C(52,5) is a hellishly big number, Cactus Kev has done a really good job in analyzing the intricacies of ranking all those combinations, it turns out that many of them are repeated, nevertheless it doesn't make it that easier.

  2. I never used bitwise operations in my programming before, now I can't help thinking about all the useful applications I can use them on.

  3. Finally I got my network bridged connection to work through my wireless nic in virtualbox, I haven't tested but my guess is that the bridge-utils was missing in my ubuntu installation.

  4. Packaged applications high usage are the source of success to Enterprise Application Integration, they're just natural "stovepipe systems" that need to be connected together. And how do you connect them : MIDDLEWARE. I'm just waiting to figure out how this middleware is implemented so that multipoint-multipoint connections are successfully handled.

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