Sunday, October 31, 2010

Logic Screening Test

  1. Overconfidence undermines me, I thought the Procter and Gamble test would be fairly easy, the matter of fact is that it wasn't, I reckon I had at least half of the 15 questions presented but I'm not sure about the rest. Gosh , luck for the next time pal. Tough they were interesting puzzles, I'll spend time once in a while to become more proficient at them.

  2. I can survive without eating for several days, but my stomach seems to resent that lack of food producing so much acid, got to find a way to reduce that acid production. The issue is that acid plays an important role in keeping infections at bay, so maybe I must eat something that stays in my stomach for a long time before being digested or protects my stomach interior walls.I'm doing this out of discipline, nothing else is involved.

  3. Got my micro-processor to produce less heat by disabling the compiz window decorator in ubuntu. At last I can set the cpu governor to on-demand and get more cpu cycles to make things more efficient in my system.

  4. The Bluetooth technology makes an economic use of power by putting on standby the connections that are not being actively used. When a bluetooth enabled device seeks communication with a neighbor it does so by sending a train of packets and an association can take up to 10 seconds - that's an eternity -. A connection established this way is called a Piconet and the device that seeks the communication in the first place takes the role of the master. This master can have an active communication with up to 7 slaves at the same time. Nevertheless slave devices that are put in stand by mode can make up to 255 which are controlled by a single master. A node can be part of more than one piconet and can serve as a bridge between the two piconets in order for the master to communicated with the other piconet. The bluetooth protocol header is more simple that the one used for wifi, the important thing is that it holds an identifier for the device sending the packet. Authentication of devices is left to the programmer.

  5. Propaganda ain't such a bad term, it's basically the diffusion of an idea which is deemed to be true. Eduard Bernays is on the way to become my hero for discerning all this stuff. I wish I had such amazing insights.

Words of the day:
triffling -> not worth considering
contrive -> make or work out a plan for; device
Rückgängig -> to undo, to cancel

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