Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kerberos Dialogue

  1. I found a splendid dialogue "theater style" to explain how the Kerberos authentication protocol works, it was written in the 80's but the foundations haven't changed that much. I'm doing some translation work along with the google translation service and the open office syntactic and grammar tools, I pretend to give a presentation at school based in this script, it will be different but If my classmates get to understand the intricacies of the protocol it will be mission accomplished.

  2. Physical exercise combined with healthy food helps you keep a sharp mind.

  3. You can create a virtual network out of blue-tooth devices.

  4. The Procter and gamble reasoning screening test looks easier than I thought, I'll do it tomorrow.

  5. Heartless is a decent horror flick.

  6. Multidimensional databases help you keep track of the history of the database changes so you can examine trends and apply data-mining more effectively.

Word of the day: zur├╝cksetzen -> restart

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