Monday, October 25, 2010


  1. Today we were introduced to the concept of co-processor. They come in two flavors: strongly coupled and not coupled, being the former the one that implements a subset of the Instruction Set Architecture and cooperates with the main processor to alleviate loads. The later refers to those that implement their own set of instruction and fulfill an specific purpose, the most common example being graphic cards.

  2. RPC. Another more advanced way of communication between clients and servers, the socket part is hidden from the user. There is an utility in linux called "rpcgen" that takes an interface file and creates the server and client proxies and more files needed to establish the communication. It's better to use structs to pass several parameters to a remote procedure.  It works with C, I wonder how are they implemented in java.

  3. LTSP is a technology that enables you to create an application server and several thin clients with constrained hardware that act as terminals and are served applications hosted in the named server, and yeah , the most beautiful things in life come free.

  4. Procrastination is one of the most regretful things, from now on I will do the stuff I need/want to do --today! - The position for teacher assistant is already occupied.

  5. There's something called Red-Hat-Cluster-Stack, I'll try it later on my attempts to create a mini-cluster.

  6. The Java technology for making mobile - hand held device application is called Java ME (from micro edition) and sounds very good and I'm no longer stuck with the symbian o.s.

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