Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Classifier Systems

  1. We're having a first approach to data mining, I deem it a very interesting area . I thought databases weren't my thing at all, but I'm starting to regain some of the enthusiasm I lost along the way. Classifier systems with help of some really neat artificial intelligence tricks can identify among a huge collection of data, subsets that share common characteristics in such a way that we can draw a vast variety of conclusions and take the respective decisions if they're in order.

  2. We had a review of the Huffman compression algorithm. Marco showed us his advances regarding his implementation of the algorithm within the FPGA, it seems that the biggest challenge was to fit the required tree needed to do the codification inside the tiny FPGA memory module. He's dedicated about a year on his project and he's about to present it at a congress.

It was a slow day, nevertheless I'm feeling tired, something's wrong with me.

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